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All perfect. Good product for cleaning the bathroom. Awesome scent.

awesome stuff! works great!

this stuff is amazing. will be buying again.

Great delivery

I received the peroxide very fast and it was packed where it didn't spill a drop.

I have used this product for years with our hard water. It works great on our toilet. Could not find it in stores so ordered here. Very happy to have it again!

Mini Fridge meet Mini Sandwich Maker @ 2 A.M.

I live in my room I have a mini fridge also. You can't go around the house at night making all kinds of racket just t get a snack. That's where mini fridge meets Mini Sandwich Maker. Grilled cheese till the break of dawn. Perfection every time.

Best Bathroom Cleaner

I live in NJ! LYSOL FOAM BATHROOM CLEANER IS NO WHERE TO BE FOUND! Thanks to Rafaelos, I was able to purchase the product! It does a wonderful job cleaning tiles , tub ! Thank you Rafaelos!

Laundry sanitizer does the job

Needed something to sanitize after a covid exposure. I could not find any anywhere except here. My problem was I thought it would arrive too late. My daughter had been at her bf house during her exposure and quarantine and was going to be home on Sunday. This package was originally going to be delivered on Tuesday. Lucky for me it delivered on Saturday. I was super happy with the expedited shipping!!

wet ones tropical splash

I love wet ones. I use them for so many things. I have been using them for 30 years. I use them around the house to clean, to take deodorant marks off of clothes, on my car to take bug and tar off my car. I even used them @ work when I got a paper cut. Plus they are antibacterial.---Thank you

Clorox laundry sanitizer

I absolutely love it, it kills germs( 99•9%) it what made me buy it,and it smells great,makes my clothes,coats, bedding smell fresher.

I bought 2 10 packs.

I bought the last 2 10 packs. Its my favorite cfind it. Each bottle was wrapped not to leak ordered monday was on my porch Wednesday! Will buy out the test if I can afford it hand sanitizer is here to stay with rona. Might as well smell. Good.

Appreciated employees taking the time it took to pack the bottles carefully and also taped the tops to avoid leakage.

I am very happy they had this item. I work in health care and I am now able to wash my scrubs and feel like they are clean.

Softsoap Full Bloom Hand Soap 5.5 oz

I was happy to find this hand soup at Rafaelos. The purchase was smooth and the delivery was on target. Thanks!


it work like a charm got all bacteria out clothes every time and time again

We really like this product

We like this product very much. It smells good and it works well

Jean Paul Gaultier Essence

Me encantó el perfume divino, Gracias!

Lysol Disinfectant Spray, Neutra Air Tropical Breeze Scent 10 oz


My husband does the laundry. He had found this at the store, used it, and loved it!!!

Lysol sanitizer

I was very impressed with the fact that you took the time to make sure the lids were on properly and you even taped them shut. I’ve bought the same product before from another store and the lid did come loose, leaking out, I believe it’s a fault in the product container. Thanks!

Love the product but the tops on them was broken never again so how can I use these

I feel safe in my clothes! Finally ! community laundry is scarier now than ever.

it in every load! Others ask me about it and I don’t mind spreading good news! I love Lysol!!!!

Lysol Laundry Sanitizer Crisp Linen 90 oz Eliminates Odors and Kills Bacteria

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