Fossil earns its name with its wide selection of earthy watches. As the story goes, the two founders, Tom and Kosta Kartsosis, named the company after their father, whom they referred to as an “old fossil.” Affectionate origins aside, many of Fossil’s watches evoke a railroad sensibility, hearkening back to a time when fossil fuels were a recent discovery. Because of this, many of them have a bit of a rugged association–perfect to complete a bartender’s outfit, at a trendy but intimate, hidden speakeasy.

Take a look at this men’s Fossil Men's Retro Traveler (CH2875 , $110.00). Functional and efficient, but smart in its subversion of symmetry with Fossil’s signature crown and pusher placement (which is to say, the knobs on the side), this watch is perfect for a softly lit gastro pub. Fossil’s understated designs are perfect for the subtly fashionable.

Alternatively, Fossil’s Stainless Steel Bracelet (ES3068, $110.00) brings Fossil’s classic build into a more eye-catching context with a stark white aesthetic sure to fit into a more a la mode outfit. Match with a white belt or shoes and primary colors for an outfit that pops, or let it stand out against a mostly dark outfit. Whatever your preference, Fossil watches are the mark of someone fashionably down-to-earth.

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